I'm here today to make you aware of a scam that I believe is happening with nearly all international call centers, but especially those in India. Based on dozens of conversations with my customers over the last three years, it is my belief that call center employees that answer calls for US based businesses like AT&T, Amazon, and other high profile companies are transferring calls out of the legitimate call center to illegitimate businesses that try to scam money from you.

It goes like this:  You call your US based company for help or support.  At some point you are transferred to someone I believe is not associated with the company you do business with.  They try to convince you to allow them to remote control your computer - even if you aren't calling about your computer (a Kindle tablet in one case).  They then proceed to convince you that your computer is infected and hacked.  They will try to sell you a protection and clean up package. This is a scam.  AT&T, Amazon, and other US based companies shouldn't approve of this call flow and should take control of their call centers actions and end contracts with them. You can help end these transactions by not falling for them, warning others about it, and mostly by complaining to the companies so they know people are having problems and can help end this tactic.

If you are scammed, you can contact your bank or credit card company to refute the charge.  You may also want to change all of the passwords you use online after having your computer checked for viruses and key-loggers that may have been installed by this overseas scam.  Panther Computers only charges $20 for a diagnostic including a virus check and in many cases our $40 Pounce tuneup can clean it up if you have issues.  So give us a call or come by today.