Panther Computers has been a Gold level reseller for AVG for nearly a decade.  We have been testing other antiviruses over the years and evaluating their effectiveness, impact on systems, and their value.  As such we have been equally impressed with Avast as our second choice until recently.  We became an authorized Avast reseller three years ago, but could never find an efficient way to purchase and incorporate their product into our daily processes.  This hasn't changed, but what has changed is now Avast offers free basic protection to businesses as well as home users.



This means that we will now start using the Avast free products over AVG.  Our new computers, now including notebooks, will have Avast free edition included.  We will be using Avast in our tuneups - both the Full Panther Tuneup (now $95 without AVG) and where needed in the Panther Pounce Tuneup ($40).  In all cases we will need your email address to activate Avast and to ensure the right product is installed, we need to know if your computer is for business or personal use.  All my technicians for the last three years have been using Avast.  We consistently see it providing better protection than AVG (AVG is still a close second) and with the free edition, you save money.  Avast also has the ability to do a boot time scan for viruses that AVG still hasn't provided after ten years of asking.  We are sure you'll enjoy the lower priced Tuneup and the savings of the free edition.