Spybot Search & Destroy (SBSD) has been a favorite of ours and many in the industry for years.  It was free to all and was one of the best cleaners that also provided proactive blocks to protect your computer.  The interface has always been "clunky", but usable, until now.  Spybot made their transition from their final one dot series to the two dot nearly a year ago and did a horrible job.  To save some reading: Panther Computers will now be using MalwareBytes (MWB) free in place of Spybot Search & Destroy, but read further if you want to understand why.


With the advent of Spybot 2.0, they changed the interface to be a highly modularized conglomeration of separate programs with so many options that only the geekiest of techs will ever try or care to learn them all.  For the average person this new interface is confusing and inefficient.  Frankly - it's horrible.  The product is now trying to be all things to all people including an antivirus that they licensed (didn't create or own) and now want to upsell you to full protection that is less than what you can get for free from other sources - namely Avast.  

Malwarebytes is focused and has a clean and easy interface that does most of what SBSD does for free and you can get enhanced services for a nominal fee that make it better in most cases than SBSD. We have been testing and installing MWB beside SBSD for over six months and both are comparable in their cleaning and detection ability.  In the past we disliked MWB, but it has improved to the point where its advantages outweigh the problems with Spybot 2.0.  

We continually evaluate the available tools and aren't quick to jump from one product to another, but SBSD's new interface has been enough to cause us to eagerly embrace MWB.  MalwareBytes will be installed on all tuneups (Pounce and Panther) and included on all computers purchased from us.  Look at the optional paid services and decide for yourself if you need those options.