Panther Computers is announcing a voluntary product recall that involves items that we have sold and used in building computer systems and repairs. In 2008 we purchased 100 ATX molex to SATA power adapters that are used for computers that have no or too few SATA power connections available from the internal power supply. It has come to our attention that these items may pose an immediate fire hazard, and we are reacting immediately to ensure the safety of our not only our customers, but of anyone that may have these adapters in their computer.

We purchased these items from a wholesaler called Evertek who also sells direct under the name These are generic in nature and have no UPC codes on them nor any manufacturer immediately identifiable on the packaging. They are approximately 4 inches in length and milk colored plastic on the ATX or molex end and black plastic on the SATA connector side. The SATA side has the words Serial ATA on one side with the word Amphenol on the other.

Here are pictures of the items in question. Click on a picture to see a larger image, and hit the Esc button when done to exit the gallery view.  What is occurring is the black SATA side is melting, and has caused severe temperatures enough to melt the back plastic of CD/DVD drives, one of which was severe enough that could have caused a serious fire.

We have already notified Evertek and sent pictures of the damaged equipment and connectors so they can handle things at their end, however we are also in contact with the government agency responsible for safety issues in hopes that property, life, or limb may be spared by a national recall. It is likely there are thousands of these items in computers around the nation.

If you bought a computer from or had service done by us between 2008 until April of 2012, there is a chance you might have this part in your system. If you are a do it yourself type that bought a SATA to ATX power adapter in our store, you may also have gotten this item.  We have already made contact with those customers that we have in our records that have these products and replaced them, but there are still over sixty adapters unaccounted for. Therefore, we are offering a free inspection to any computer that comes in to Panther Computers, whether you bought the item from us or not.

If you bought the connector from us, we will replace it free of charge with a different manufacturers product. If you acquired it elsewhere, we will gladly replace it free of labor charges, but will charge you $2.99 for the replacement part. We can do the inspection and replacement in about 5 minutes while you wait in most cases (unless we become inundated by a rush, or are temporarily out of replacements – we just made a big order to cover this recall.) We are also offering for our customers who cannot bring their computer in, a free on sight inspection and replacement. We are offering the free in-store inspection to everyone to ensure the safety of our community.

We would like to advise you to not leave your computer running without being at it.  For those with oxygen in the home, we suggest not using the computer while wearing it.  If you are unsure if you have this part in your computer, you should use the computer sparingly or not at all until it has been inspected.

For customers that are no longer in the NW Florida area, you can open the computer and look for the part pictured above. If you are unsure, take pictures of the inside and email them to us and we'll try to see if you have them.  If you have the part we will get your address and send you a new one with a post paid envelope for you to send the potentially bad one back.

These devices will only be connected to SATA devices, usually CD/DVD/Bluray and Hard drives.  They are only found in desktop computers, and not notebooks or other portable devices. 

Research has shown these devices are present globally, and similar reports have been occurring.  See our FaceBook page at to read the other stories we've found and shared.

We will provide more information as pertinent details become available.