We are fastly approaching the July 29th deadline for Windows 10 upgrade to be free.  Unless Microsoft extends this deadline after that you will have to pay for Windows 10 upgrade if you decide you want or need it.

We have been using Windows 10 since its preview days and have it on all of our PCs and are quite pleased with it.  We are recommending that you seriously consider upgrading for free to establish your electronic entitlement to Windows 10 for your Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs.  You should always verify any programs you have, especially businesses, are compatible with 10 first and backup, backup,and backup .  But barring any unforeseen issues the upgrade usually goes well and you will have 30 days to change your mind and revert back to the previous version of Windows.

By doing the upgrade now, you lock in your free "copy" so that even if you decide to go back to the previous version, if you have a reason or need to upgrade to 10 later, it will still be free.  For those who want help and allow Panther Computers to assist you, we will revert your system back to the previous edition for free if you decide you are unhappy with Windows 10. We only charge $50 to do this upgrade for you.