Windows 7 Continues the disappointment started by Windows Vista. Based on current in store testing of Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista, there's not much difference. Sure its a bit snappier, but still requires a workhorse computer to be half as good as an old pc running Windows XP. ("This is the worst Internet I've ever used" quipped a user of the Windows 7 pc in our web cafe) If the final release is no better than the current "release candidate" we believe Microsoft will continue to see a wholesale loss of clients to (Linux) Linux Mint and Apple.

Microsoft has finally release service pack one (SP1) for Vista.  The update is presently only available for download and is a whopping 434MB so you\'ll need a high speed (DSL or Cable) to download the update.  Microsoft will be including a more compact version for retrieval from the Microsoft Update website in the near future, But for now you can download the update from Panther Computers.  Any customer that purchased a Panther Computer in the last 30 days with Microsoft Windows Vista can bring the computer back to our store for a free upgrade.  All other Panther Computer owners with Vista or customers that have had the Panther Tuneup accomplished in the last 30 days can get the upgrade done for $30.   Other computer brands and customers can get us to do the upgrade for $75.