Panther Computers is proud to announce that we've been approved as a dealer to resell Robo3d 3d printers. We have a demo printer with print samples and filament spools in stock. You can now rent time on our printer at a price of .50 per CM3 (50 cents per cubic centimeter).

ACS-West was my first endeavor started while still in the Air Force and continued for four years.  I recently found an old business card and thought some might find the blast from the past interesting:



It\'s been a blink of an eye and April 2010 marked the end of our sixth year in business as Panther Computers in the store here in Downtown Historic Milton.  Enduring Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis and the roller coaster of economic turmoil and the oil spill of BP we have survived and grown.  In no short part due to the acceptance of our community and the blessings of God.  I\'m taking this opportunity to say thank you for your patronage and support and we look forward to many more years of being the number one choice for all your computing needs.

We are bumping this article back to the top as there has been a recent increase of these calls in the NW Florida area. We have one computer in the shop now that has been completely locked and is in danger of having had tax documents tampered with or "stolen. We've had a second customer relate that they have had no less than five phone calls trying to coerce them into letting the Indian sounding caller take control of their computer.  Watch videos and more on our Facebook page on this an other computer scams.

"We are pleased to confirm that your application has been approved to participate in the Lenovo Partner Network program as an authorized Lenovo Solution Partner-Reseller (Lenovo Reseller)."

Panther Computers is now your local Lenovo Solution Partner-Reseller.  We have been recommending the Lenovo brand for some time now and have pursued this relationship to provide you the best possible solutions in name brand servers and laptops.  So come by or call today for the solution that meets your needs and a value unmatched by any box store.