The availability of IDE hard drives has been waning for some time now and the only manufacturer that I can find in both desktop 3.5" and notebook 2.5" is Western Digital.  For years I have absolutely refused to sell a WD drive since in my personal opinion and experience they are the worst engineered and most unreliable drive on the market.  We will now special order WD notebook 2.5" IDE drives until an alternative is available but with the following conditions:

First be advised that these drives have a historical high percentage of failures.  I have personally seen hundreds of WD400s fail and seen at least 5 different attampts by WD to reengineer the internal components of this drive, without success.  As indicated, I have refused to sell the drives in the past and would not knowingly own or purchase one for resale.

Since I feel this strongly about the WD drives, the only reason I will agree to sell them now is because a dead laptop with an IDE connection cant use an adapter for a SATA drive.  For those who need IDE drives for desktops, we will offer you a SATA to IDE adapter and sell you a SATA drive.

The conditions are thus. 

  • To special order a WD drive, you must pay 100% up front before we order. 
  • You agree that Panther computers will not warranty the product, even if installed by Panther Computers for you.
  • You will be reliant upon the Western Digital warranty and will have to work with WD to gain any warranty work done.