Avast has been our primary antivirus for nearly three years (2016) recommending their free edition for home and since last year the Avast free business edition for businesses.   AVG has continued to be an excellent product, but as a company that became focused on profits over customers we let them slip to number two in our recommendations.  AVG didn't listen for 10 years for simple product enhancements that were sorely needed and worse still developed a in your face aggressive method of selling our customers products and services they didn't need and often didn't want.  

Now AVG is being purchased by Avast and we are excited and hopeful that Avast will take the best of both companies and products to become a clear leader, however this isn't always the outcome of such mergers, so keep in touch for updates as the merger progresses.  We will be looking at a third alternative so we can continue to provide trusted advice on what protection will best serve our customer's needs

Free open-source, but an interface that makes butt ugly look plum pretty.  Few options, less control, slows your computer down as bad as full Internet suits with firewalls, and this is just antivirus.  Takes hours to do a full system scan, and has mediocre database that doesn\'t spot viruses well enough to put up with the scan time or the system drag.


AVG is one of two antivirus products that we recommend.  If you want a paid product, AVG is what we recommend.  However if you want a free basic antivirus protection for home or business we recommend Avast.

For now, Avast is the least intrusive with ads to upsell you to their paid services, but barely.  In most cases Avast will provide the needed protection at no cost to you.  

Additionally Avast is in the process of buying AVG and it will be some time to determine which products will stay, go, or combine.  Once the merger occurs and the product lines are more clear we will update this with our recommendations.


Once only a firewall, now trying to be all things to all people and doing it badly
Initially impressed by the design, but every computer I\'ve seen it on has had a virus, so not so effective.
You get what you pay for and since this comes free with Cox and other cable company\'s ISP service, that\'s what its worth.  Again not a bad user design, but slows the computer to a crawl and again is marginal at actually preventing even basic generic viruses and trojans.