Panther Computers will take old computers for recycling in limited quantities.  We don't recycle old tube type monitors as they require special handling due to high amounts of lead - please consider the other suggestions found in the FAQ What can I do with my old computerWe have begun to disassemble the old computers down to their basic components and recycle them.  Small quantities would probably be refused by local scrap yards, but as we accumulate truck loads of the old cases (sheet metal) we will turn it in to reduce what ends up in the landfill.  Yes sheet metal (iron based) might only cover (pennies per pound) the gas to take it, but Panther Computers is committed to finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle - especially reducing the impact of our industry on the environment.

Here are pictures from one of two truck loads we recently took for recycling.  This trip kept over 500lbs of metal from the land fill!