New PC Tuneup

Did you get a box store or mail order computer when you could have had a Panther PC with two years of AVG Anti-Virus and fully functional software? Did you settle for a 60 day evaluation copy of some other less than effective antivirus or protection suite?  Did you save money only to have a computer full of “buy these services so we can make more money from you” icons and links. 

Well Panther Computers now offers a new computer tuneup.  We\’ll remove the junk and trial ware from your new bargain pc and install the Panther Utilities including AVG Anti-Virus two year edition, a $51 value,  making that cheap pc purr like a panther all for $80.  If you bring your computer in this week we\’ll also install the office suite at no additional charge.  So get protected and get tuned up now, before you need it.*


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Can I Do It Myself

Sure you can download the software and run the scans and enable the protections, but much like my competitors that have adopted the Panther Tuneup software in their processes, you are missing our expertise.  Anyone can buy a sword, but without training, experience, and practice one can never properly use it.


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