No.  As a former Acer dealer we have some business complaints about Acer, but they are also the proud owners of the three worst names in computing history for reliability IOO (in our opinion) Gateway, Emachines, and Packard Bell.   In the 80s Acer was the proverbial “Taiwan piece of crap” parts many small guys used to make money quickly, leaving owners with buggy computers and non working parts.

We became a dealer for them after we opened Panther Computers in 2004 because it appeared they had cleaned up their act and were producing good equipment.  In retrospect, the LCD screens were burning out soon after warranty, and most laptops since they bought the other three brands, have become cheap.  Cheap as in mouse buttons breaking, keys comming off, and LCD screens going out.  It seems to meet the box store prices, they had to cut corners on their products.