Avast has been our primary antivirus for nearly three years (2016) recommending their free edition for home and since last year the Avast free business edition for businesses.   AVG has continued to be an excellent product, but as a company that became focused on profits over customers we let them slip to number two in our recommendations.  AVG didn’t listen for 10 years for simple product enhancements that were sorely needed and worse still developed a in your face aggressive method of selling our customers products and services they didn’t need and often didn’t want.  

Now AVG is being purchased by Avast and we are excited and hopeful that Avast will take the best of both companies and products to become a clear leader, however this isn’t always the outcome of such mergers, so keep in touch for updates as the merger progresses.  We will be looking at a third alternative so we can continue to provide trusted advice on what protection will best serve our customer’s needs