Can I Do It Myself

Sure you can download the software and run the scans and enable the protections, but much like my competitors that have adopted the Panther Tuneup software in their processes, you are missing our expertise.  Anyone can buy a sword, but without training, experience, and practice one can never properly use it.

You see, it  takes more than just downloading software, installing it, and running it to properly clean and fully protect your system from future infections.  I have worked on many pc\’s that do-it-yourselfers have attempted or that my “so called” competition has attempted to work on only to find the software was not properly configured, updated, or even scanned.  I\’ve hired several technicians that had worked at other local stores that came bragging at how well they could do, only to be eating crow a week or so after they started and I had only taught them a few things. 

We stand apart in our ability and willingness to fully clean and protect you from those accidental nasties that grab hold of your PC, all without loosing your data or reloading your system*.  We provide links to the software for those who just can\’t afford the tuneup, but unless you have a new or uninfected PC your liklihood of successfuly cleaning your system and getting it back to normal are low. 



* Some viral infections, non-genuine Windows editions,  or circumstantial hardware issues do occaisionally (estimated 3% or less) require a system side-by-side reload or complete reload.