What we think about the major brands, why we recommned them, or suggest that you avoid them.

Summary in order of preference:

Notebooks/Laptops: Lenovo, MSI, Toshiba, Dell

Desktops: Panther Computer/local build with MSI, Lenovo, Dell

Hard Drives: Seagate or Hitachi


MSI - Microstar Insternational MSI is panther computers preferred brand motherboard when building a Panther PC.  We have also found that their video cards ae the best price, performance, and…

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Yes!  Lenovo is our recommended brand for all notebook computers.  They are the former IBM Thinkpad computers and still maintain the quality while having become more cost competitve with other…

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Maybe.  Dell isn\'t as plagued as some of the other brands with quality and engineering problems.  Theirs is more a matter of overall cost and support.  It can be frustrating…

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HP Compaq

No.  HP Compaq have serious engineering problems IOO. Almost yearly they have a major problems with motherboards.  From laptops to desktops we\'ve seen thousands of computer models that are either…

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No.  Sony is expensive period.  Even if you get a great "deal" most Sony laptops can be expensive in repairs and upgrades.  I\'ve seen some laptops require special memory at…

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No.  As a former Acer dealer we have some business complaints about Acer, but they are also the proud owners of the three worst names in computing history for reliability…

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