HP Compaq

Our previous recommendation excluded HP, however in the last several years, the major incidence of motherboard issues seem to have waned.  The HP can now be considered, IOO one of the top 4 brands for quality, and one of the leading value brands that you can trust.  Unlike other low priced brands mentioned in other posts, this is typically going to give you the most reliable bang for the buck.  The computer market is ever changing, so our recommendations adapt accordingly, and will quickly become a NO if new issues emerge.

No.  HP Compaq have serious engineering problems IOO. Almost yearly they have a major problems with motherboards.  From laptops to desktops we’ve seen thousands of computer models that are either forced through litigation or offered through their kindness to repair at no charge to their customers.  The problem is that many people find out after the recall has ended, and those that do get in before the deadline report (around the internet) that they have to have motherboards replaced several times.

Models like the DV2000, DV4000, DV6000, DV9000 and their Compaq counterparts were covered in one such recall that it seemed that many of our customers went to get the recall work done only to be told “you bought that a week too late” which we interpret to mean, we ran out of replacement boards and cant afford to do any more recall work.  Slim line models like the a3100 series had similar problems with the recall recently ending in December of 2009.

Why buy a brand with continual problems that will cost you more in downtime, lost data, and frustration.