New PC Tuneup

Did you get a box store or mail order computer when you could have had a Panther PC with two years of AVG Anti-Virus and fully functional software? Did you settle for a 60 day evaluation copy of some other less than effective antivirus or protection suite?  Did you save money only to have a computer full of “buy these services so we can make more money from you” icons and links. 

Well Panther Computers now offers a new computer tuneup.  We\’ll remove the junk and trial ware from your new bargain pc and install the Panther Utilities including AVG Anti-Virus two year edition, a $51 value,  making that cheap pc purr like a panther all for $80.  If you bring your computer in this week we\’ll also install the office suite at no additional charge.  So get protected and get tuned up now, before you need it.*

*  Price only good for new non-infected computers.  A new PC is determined by the following criteria:

  • Still sealed in the box
  • Reciept showing bought within the last 60 days
  • The trialware software (antivirus or Microsoft Office Suite) is still within its 60 day period
  • You have relaoded the computer to factory from its disk or recovery partition.