Prevent Antivirus

Panther Computers is proud to announce Prevent Security, the hacker, virus, and spyware proof solution that the world has been looking for. Prevent stops viruses before they can occur with a mixture of high technology and ancient techniques melded to provide you a preventive approach that no other security product can. Instead of being reactive and creating a library of virus definitions the Prevent technology is proactive preventing the virus before it hits your computer. (we hope you enjoyed our April Fools Day humor 8-0)

Panther Computers has been cooperating with partners in Hong Kong and Moscow to create the Prevent technology for nearly a year. Our daily expertise in virus removal that specializes in the removal of viruses from the computer and registry without damaging your windows installation or loss of files and programs became a natural fit with our partners. The Russian and Chinese programming teams have provided the most robust software on the market with a unique, patent pending, user interface that will revolutionize the software industry.

The Moscow team has employed several former Soviet KGB personnel to provide several fields of expertise that were critical components to the overall security approach of the Prevent product. Project Manager Imov Puhlehgski has utilized now famous KGB tactics in surveillance to use the Internet to back track to the source of the attack and provide real world consequences to the virtual attacks of the hackers and virus writers. Information gleaned from the Prevent counter attack are shared with Interpol and the host countries authorities to bring swift justice to the perpetrators.

Secondly Moscow has several experts from the KGB psycore research labs that work in conjunction with the Hong Kong office Predictive Info Systems division which uses supercomputer computing platforms to provide parallel computational techniques to accurately predetermine the techniques of the next wave of security risks before they emerge.

The Director of Operations, Ly Teh Whi, utilizes information from our office and Moscow in a patent pending AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that melds information derived form clinical and para psychological profiling with advanced precognitive algorithms. These predictions are interpolated with proprietary AI techniques that are used to map historical security techniques and provide predictive behavioral methods to simulate the most likely areas to be attacked and the methods to be employed.

A third AI program works in a virtual environment to hack and probe all versions of all operating systems, network routing systems, military and governmental infrastructures and encryption hierarchies faster than teams of traditional hackers to ferret out weaknesses and will be providing feedback to the major OS developers (Microsoft and the Linux teams) to help quickly close these weaknesses before the hackers can discover them.

As we move forward with our launch and release to the world markets in the next few weeks,our Media Relations Manager\’s, April Fuh Leh\’s, daily media releases will keep you updated on the soon to be launched website where you can purchase and down load the new software.


This joke evolved from the unfortunate fact that unless pshycics are real and decide to work for an antivirus company, there will always be a lag between when the bad guys strike and a solution is found and provided.  This means there is no 100% protection for Windows PCs and never will be until they rewrite the operating system.  Linux is your only hope.