The Carolinas 2007

To Joe and the whole crew, as you guys know I bought twin predators 20 months ago, and at that time I learned how little I know about computers and there intricasies, well I just wanted to thank you all for all the help and support you have have given my wife and I, thru messing up programs and crashing 1 so bad we had to replace it you all were patient and understanding and helped me get things right each time, Then when I learned I was moving quickly you worked extra hard to have my cub ready to travel too and now with this latest hiccup Fred was patient with me on the phone and talked me thru it and low and behold, when I was thinking and worriede about having to buy a new unit, I am now back to work with my predator thanks to his instructions. Not only did you patiently listen to my wants and needs, then recommend the computers for me that have done far more than I expected, But the service you have rendered has been absolutely Stellar. Your a great team of folks, and I don’t care where I live at the time, you will get all my computer business, not only for the product but especially for the FANTASTIC SERVICE!!!!!

Again, from the bottom of my heart thanks for all the help and for now the total of 3 absolutely fantastic computers and programming> I wish you well and please If anyone ever wants a reference, please let them contact me. Heck I don’t get this good a service from my company on the company computers and we have our own IT dept.