Panther Rescue Remote services can now be accessed here.  You will need a code provided by one of our technicians to allow us to remotely control your computer to provide assistance.  Remember to never let anyone you don’t know or trust take remote control of your computer.  Microsoft and other big companies DO NOT have employees calling you.  These are scams and they should not be allowed to have any access to your computer.  Please hang up on them.

I have taken a full time position with Provalus as their IT Network Manager which will not allow a meaningful response time to assist my current and former clients.   I cannot in good conscious make a recommendation for any local company to fill your needs based on my knowledge and experience with them over the last 14 years.  It may well be worth your time to explore those not in the Milton area for assistance you can trust.

Panther Computers  is now a blog site providing tips and recommendations on computer products here that will typically be affiliate links to Amazon.  We will make commissions on these if you buy that product via these links. 

The recommendations are based on our opinions and experience that will typically follow the same recommendations in our recommendations section that details how and why we feel the way we do about certain brands.  We look for the best value for your money based on features and quality that should be a best balance for the average user.  We will not be making recommendations based on any influence on the amount of commissions or any other fees or bounties.

Recommendations are for the products themselves and not specifically the reseller linked to, as a sellers performance and ratings are fluid and can change without our notice.  Use your best judgement on the seller and as always, if you can find the same or similar product locally, please support our local businesses.

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