For me it will ultimately depend on how I’m going to use a laptop that will determine what I choose.  However, I typically look for these minimum features at this time:

  • Ethernet port and WiFi Ac or better
  • 16GB memory
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) preferred or HDD (Hard Disk Drive) if cost prohibitive
  • 13 to 15 inch no touch Screen 
  • Separate Numeric keypad preferred
  • Externally removable battery
  • i7 or i5 Intel Processor (CPU)

This Weeks Recommendation On Laptops

Basis: I have not personally used or touched this laptop.  The recommendation is based on my experience and the statistics of the machine.

This laptop is a great value having most of the elements I look for except having an integrated battery, a numeric keypad, and at a price that is very reasonable.


I prefer to have a laptop with an ethernet port because ethernet is faster, when available, and usually more stable and can be better secured than WiFi.

Though Windows 10 can perform well on 8GB, with memory being so affordable, I prefer to at least double the  memory from the start (16GB) instead of having to upgrade at the next Windows update that makes everything slower than before.

Solid state hard drives are now affordable enough that even those needing local storage instead of online like Google Drive or OneDrive, can afford a laptop with a decent sized drive like the recommendation above.  Solid state is lighter, cooler, more secure, and preferred. 

Some people prefer larger screens, but is 17 inch reasonable?  Not to me.  Laptops are primarily for travel, and even a 15 inch can be hard to juggle if you are using carry on only.  If you want larger and are using it stationary (At home or office only) consider a mini pc for space savings, or a docking station monitor (23 inch or larger even multiple monitors) instead.

I prefer externally replaceable batteries in case it goes bad or to have spares as an option.  However internal batteries are increasingly becoming the only option and by the time the battery is dead, you’ll likely be ready for an upgrade.

I prefer Intel CPUs over AMD, but the competition has warmed back up and you can always consider either.