My name is Joe Potter, former owner of Panther Computers the retail service store, bringing you ideas and recommendations based on my 30+ years of experience in he technology field.  Clicking my name above or the picture to the left to go to my LinkedIn profile, where you can see my background and expertise.

Panther Computers  is now a blog site providing tips and recommendations on computer products here that will typically be affiliate links to Amazon and others.  I will make commissions on these if you buy that product via these links. 

The recommendations are based on my opinions and experience that will typically follow the same recommendations in the brand recommendations section that details how and why I feel that way. 

I look for the best value for your money based on features and quality that should be a best balance for the average user.  I will never make recommendations based on any influence on the amount of commissions or any other fees or bounties.

I try to limit my recommendations to those that don’t show limited quantities so the link will be valid and give you the opportunity to purchase the item or get it’s full specifications.

Recommendations are for the products themselves and not specifically the reseller linked to, as a sellers performance and ratings are fluid and can change without our notice. 

Use your best judgement on the seller and as always, if you can find the same or similar product locally, please support your local businesses.