Antivirus Rogue

There is a company out there, God knows who they truly are, that produces a virus that acts like an antivirus program that falsely tells you you have dozens of infections and that you need to pay them to activate their program to clean the infections.  Technically they are right, you are infected…by them.  Do not provide them any identifying information or credit card details, they are (in my opinion) crooks and the FTC should have long since found a way to close them down nd seize their assets.


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It Wont Work

You may have noticed one or more commercials on TV that claims that they can remotely connect to your computer and make it “work”, however be sure they don’t charge you if they can’t.  Most problems today are spyware and virus related and there is absolutely no way this can be cleaned remotely, even if your Internet is working.  If your system is just bogged down from normal use, be sure you pay no more than you could at a local shop for a service that is hyped late night alongside the vacuum cleaners, kitchen gizmos, and colon cleansers.


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