How to make a computer into boat anchor

If you\’ve given up on your old computer and insist it might make a better boat anchor after all, here are the steps needed to do so.  You will need one computer that has your ire, preferably a non plastic case type, appropriate amounts of concrete, safety equipment, drill, eye-bolt of appropriate size, rope-chain-or cable, appropriate place to work on your project.  If you actually want to use the anchor when done, you may also need an appropriate water craft.

First step is to open up the computer and remove all electronics and plastics.  The plastics could come loose in the water and could form an environmental hazard.  The electronics are filled with various toxic materials that you wouldn\’t want in your seafood or drinking water so dispose of carefully and don\’t leave in the computer case.  You can also save time and just get an old empty computer case.

Next, cover all holes with either tape or cardboard so the concrete will stay in the case.  Put the case back together and determine where you want the eye-bolt to be, or the top of your anchor.  Use a drill with the correct bit size to drill the hole for the eye-bolt.  Open the case, insert the eye-bolt through the new hole and tighten the nut and washers accordingly.  The eye-bolt should be at least as long as half the case depth and if you want you can put added nuts on the threads with washers at various intervals so the concrete support is increased.  You could even use rebar for added strength and support.  Reassemble the case.

Now determine the best opening to feed the concrete into the case and remove the tape or cardboard for that opening.  Mix the concrete per manufacturer\’s instructions following all safety precautions.  Feed the concrete into the computer case occasionally bumping the case to make the concrete settle until filled.  Let sit for the curing time indicated for your concrete.

Now attach the amount of needed rope, cable, or chain with the appropriate knot or securing hardware to the eye-bolt.  You may wish to lift it and let it test in a safe manner to ensure the new anchor is secure and wont fall off into the water when you try to use it.  Place it on your watercraft and wallah, you now have a “computer” boat anchor.