Can I Do It Myself

Sure you can download the software and run the scans and enable the protections, but much like my competitors that have adopted the Panther Tuneup software in their processes, you are missing our expertise.  Anyone can buy a sword, but without training, experience, and practice one can never properly use it.


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Why Is My System So Slow – AVG

A few months ago a change was made in the AVG Anti-virus line that has caused concern for us at Panther Computers and that has resulted in McAfee and Norton like slowness in PCs. I have communicated these observations and concerns to Grisoft as a Distributor, but have had to find a reason and a work around until their programmers can resolve the issue in a future release. The reason is a full system scan that can be easily resolved for now by a quick change in the options.


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Why did you turn off System Restore?

As in many walks of life you will find variations in philosophy especially in approaches to computer maintenance. Here at Panther Computers one of the steps we take is to turn off the system restore feature of Windows (ME and above). The reasons are that system restore slows the system down, uses up resources (hard drive & memory), often doesn\’t work, and is a safe-haven for viruses and spyware.



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