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Out with Outlook

It may be time to reconsider the way you get your email. These days going with web-mail may be a better option than email. What\’s the difference you ask? Email requires an email client like Outlook (or Outlook Express) and web-mail only requires the web, or a web browser to access. Follow me and the reasons will become clear.


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Do you leave your car running in the garage?

This is my response to the question – "should I leave my computer on all the time?"  The short obvious answer should be no, just like you don\’t leave your car running in the garage, you don\’t need to leave a computer running all the time.  The reasons require a more detailed response and a bit of a history lesson.


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Roast Beef in the Computer

With the exception of the occasional toddler feeding a computer some cold cereal and milk, most of us wouldn\’t think of using our beloved computer for storing cold cuts, nightly leftovers, or roast beef. However many customers of mine seem to use their computer as a refrigerator none the less. Ok so I really haven\’t found a roast beef in a computer yet, however potentially as bad is the use of magnets on the outside of the computer case. (more…)

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