Onsite Rates

Onsite Rates – No Discounts or coupons for onsite work

Home PC users (does not include home based businesses) & Non-profit Organizations $75/hr

Business Rate $100/hr

There is a one hour minimum charge with 15 minute billing increments. There is no pick up or delivery charges, we will perform the work on site, or if necessary will transport the equipment to Panther Computers for repairs. Travel and expenses may apply to services provided for business locations over 25 miles from Milton, Florida 32570. A 10% premium may be assessed for unscheduled, non-business hour, same day emergency service (M-F 5pm to 9am). Unscheduled Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays will incur a 20% premium charge.

**Special Business Rate Pre-purchase service hours before you need them and save big!:

  • 50 hours of service 25% discount ($3750) effective $75/hr (Save $1250)

This contract will entitle the client to 4 hour phone response to service requests during normal business hours (9am to 5pm M-F), 24 hour site response for all Severity 1 issues (As defined below), and 48 hour site response on severity 2 issues.  Severity 3 and 4 issues will be scheduled normally with other customer appointments, but not to exceed 5 business days (M-F) for Severity 3 issues. Typical reasonable exclusions apply (acts of God, nature, war, government, etc.)

Severity 1 – Issues that are preventing the operation of your business, costing you money, loosing business, severely impacting your customers.

Severity 2 – Issues impeding your business, impacting your customers, but not to the extent of an S1 issue.

Severity 3 – Issues that are annoying, degrading efficiency, but you are still able to function with minimal impact to your customers.

Severity 4 – All other issues needing attention, but not causing significant pain to you or your customers.

All fees are due upon completion of work.  Established business accounts may occasionally be billed for the work and given 15 days to pay.  A late fee of 5% of the outstanding balance will be charged for late payment.  In addition to any other remedy permitted by law, Panther Computers shall charge, and you shall be obligated to pay the greater of (i) interest on the unpaid balance at a rate of 1 1/2% per month, provided that in the event that such rate exceeds the maximum rate permitted by law, interest on the unpaid balance at the maximum rate permitted by law, or (ii) a late fee of ten dollars ($10) per month for any month during which any amount payable is overdue.

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