Panther Tuneup




 Software –

  •  Avast Free Edition:  Requires registration with an email address and name once a year for personal use, or registering your business account for the free business edition.  We will need your email address and to know if this is for personal or business use.

  •  FREE Software to remove and prevent spyware, malware, hijackers, X 3 dialers, ransomware & popups and to optimize your system

  Virus, Spyware, Toolbar, Useless Software, & X 3 Removal

 System Optimization –

  •  Settings
  •  Cleaning

 Microsoft Service Packs, and Critical & Recommended Updates

  Hardware Verification –

  •  Power Supply Voltages and Fan Operation
  •  Case Fan Operation
  •  CPU Cooling Fan Verification
  •  CD/DVD operation 
  •  Memory Tests 
  •  Hard Drive Tests 
  •  Motherboard Component Visual Inspection 
  •  System Limitation Evaluation 

 * Vista, Seven, Eight, and Ten Only.